The writing errors made by Chinese graduate students are unique, but we have studied them and can decode them. We edit the errors that spellcheck editing functions cannot identify, and polish your writing to a native-English standard rather than correct only grammatical mistakes and typos.

English Native Speaker

Our dissertation and thesis editing services are provided by native English editors who can guarantee that your prospective graduate work will meet the highest academic standards for English grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, and fluency.

Affordable Price

And at a price that the typical graduate student can afford. Your English-language work will be perfected in time for your defense, and if new changes are required after you present to your defense committee, we will re-edit your selected sections for free.
(service valued at HK$60 per page)

Professional Editing

Our editing methods are designed specifically for numerous academic fields. We are experts in editing academic works according to the style guides accepted by various domains, including IEEE, APA, MLA, ACS, AMA, AIP, CSE, ASA, and ACM.

About Us

Dissertation Editing was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Employing only the most experienced editors in the region, all work is performed by fully-qualified native English speakers who observe the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality at all times, taking great care to maintain the integrity and quality of service that our clients have come to expect.

Our editors possess in-depth practical and academic knowledge of the English language and are proficient in a multitude of academic specialties, including law, medicine, engineering, chemistry, physics, general sciences, sociology, finance, economics, and business. Our editors are selected based first on their knowledge of a specific domain. We prefer our editors to have a graduate degree and research writing experience in the areas the papers they edit come from. Although this is not always possible for smaller subfields, we do our best to find editors who know the writing style of an author's specific domain.

Most of the editors who apply to work at Dissertation Editing are not selected to join our team because technical editing skills are rare and difficult to attain. In addition, each editor is trained in rewriting and editing Chinese-style English sentences. We put editors through a three-week rigorous training program where their exercises and samples are evaluated by our senior proofreader and editors to ensure that they are qualified before they are given a customer's paper. This training process is long, time consuming, ongoing, and necessary so that we can guarantee the quality of our work.

We ensure consistency of style throughout our editing process, and any confusing or awkward sentences are restyled to make your meaning more clear. We offer a fast and reliable service, and with our dedicated Mandarin-, Cantonese-, and English-speaking customer service specialists available to help you by phone or e-mail, all of your questions will be answered promptly and concisely.

Trial editing

We provide a free trial editing service so that our customers can experience our professional editing quality for themselves. Send a 1-page document to and indicate that you would like to submit the document for trial editing.

Dissertation Editing Service

Our editing service is based on the following three-step process.

Our editing services are available for dissertations from all academic areas. We specialize in editing graduate student theses and dissertations, but also have vast experience in editing conference papers, journal submissions, grant proposals, and graduating papers written by undergraduate honors students. Standard academic formatting and citation styles can also be applied on request (e.g., IEEE, APA, MLA, ACS, AMA, AIP, CBE, ASA, and ACM).

First Step

You contact one of our customer service specialists by phone or e-mail to share the details of your dissertation such as domain, length, type of manual style used, and preferred turnaround time. You then submit your document through our website and our editors get to work.

Second Step

During this step, one of our native English-speaking academic editors modifies your document to introduce a natural flow in your English. The editor's goal is to use native English fluidity when expressing ideas without changing the meaning of your sentences. There may be times when an editor is not sure about your intended meaning; in this case, they will edit your sentence but leave a comment for you to check when you receive your paper.

At Dissertation Editing, we will rewrite sentences that are not constructed in a native style. The revisions considered by our editors when transforming Chinese-style English sentences into native English sentences are as follows:

  • Moving the subject to the beginning of a sentence to emphasize the main idea.
  • Shortening long sentences to include only one or two main ideas, as well as using semicolons that separate multiple ideas.
  • Maintaining direct, concise English flow in papers to retain a logical approach and avoid "textbook English."
  • Not overusing the first person.
  • Using transitional phrases that connect two sentences, two paragraphs, or two ideas.
  • Not overusing prepositional or adverbial phrases that indicate time at the beginning of your sentences.
  • Not mentioning purposes, conditions, locations, or reasons at the beginning of every sentence.

Third Step

We return your work to you via e-mail and include an invoice for the editing services provided. Payments are due three days after the receipt of your edited paper. We also include a free PDF document outlining the details on how to review, accept, and reject our changes so that you have the final say over how your document looks.

At this point, if you have any general questions about the changes our editors have made to your work, we encourage you to contact our customer service specialists with any inquiries.

Optional Step

After presenting your dissertation to your defense committee, they may recommend some additional changes to your work by adding or removing certain information. In this case, we will be happy to re-edit these sections for you at no extra cost (service valued at HK$60 per page).


Editing Time 3 days 5 days 10 days
Price HK$0.3/word HK$0.25/word HK$0.2/word
  • An additional HK$0.05/word is charged if the submitted file is in PDF format.
  • If your dissertation exceeds 30,000 words, you will receive a 15% discount on our editing services.

Journal Formatting

Taylor and Francis Journals

Formatting an article is time consuming and requires careful reading of a long and detailed website or document often called “Instructions to Authors” or “Submission Guidelines.” We can save you time and ensure that the formatting of your paper matches the requirements of your target journal. Once we have the final version of your paper, we carefully survey the journal’s website and guidelines, and then format your paper to match these guidelines.

Journal Formatting Service

The journal formatting service starts with the pre-formatting assessment. During this stage, we assess the journal’s guidelines and the authors select the type of formatting (e.g., research article, letter to the editor, or short communication) for their paper as well as abstract and submission letter. Then, with this input, we adapt your paper to fit the style guidelines of a specific journal or publisher.

In cases in which we have edited and/or translated a paper for you, we require that you read over your edited version and accept or reject the changes offered by our editors, as well as our editors’ comments, before formatting. Once you have accepted all of the changes and deleted the editor’s comments, send us this version of your paper for formatting.

Who benefits from our journal formatting services?

Authors who require that their manuscript comply with a journal’s “Instructions for Authors.”

What tasks are included in journal formatting?

  • Adapting text to suit style, spelling, and punctuation requirements
  • Reformatting references and citations to suit journal style
  • Reorganizing and/or renaming the main sections of manuscripts to suit journal guidelines
  • Rearranging tables, figures, and legends to suit journal requirements
  • Ensuring that manuscripts adhere to special instructions (e.g., acronyms, units, and symbols)
  • Rearranging text to avoid awkward page breaks

What do we need from you?

We need the name of the journal you are submitting to and its website (if known). Additionally, we will need you to send us a final copy of your paper that is ready for formatting. If you have samples of articles previously published in your target journal that we can use as a reference, please upload these as well.

How long does this service take?

The number of working days necessary for formatting is determined according to the individual article. After assessing your article, we will notify you of the number of days needed to format it. This service is provided after editing or translation is completed and is not included in the amount of time necessary for preliminary editing or translation services.

What we do not do during journal formatting services:

  • Edit the paper to conform to journal criteria such as word limits
  • Ensure that the experiments (described in the manuscript) meet the journal’s ethical standards and considerations
  • Verify that the manuscript meets the journal’s other policy considerations
  • Evaluate whether the manuscript’s artwork and pictures meet the journal requirements
  • Write a cover letter in accordance with the journal’s guidelines
  • Add or edit footnotes
  • Convert figures or tables to ensure that they fulfill the required formatting of the journal (but we do offer this as part of our “two-stage art preparation service” ; click here to learn more)

Is it safe to have you edit our documents? Will information be leaked or shared with other parties?

We understand the importance of strict confidentiality. Our company complies with the principle of confidentiality during each step of the service process. All of our employees as well as the translation/editing team have signed confidentiality agreements, so you do not need to worry about information being leaked or shared.